VZW Get It Now

On Your Phone

Step 1 image Step 1:
Open up the Get It Now browser by pressing the "Get It Now" arrow which is also the right navigation arrow on your handset.
Step 2 image Step 2:
Using the down arrow key, scroll down to the option "Tools on the Go" or "Get Going" (depending on phone model), and press the "OK" button.
Step 3 image Step 3:
Select the option "Get New App." or "Get New" (on other phones), and press the "OK" button.
Step 4 image Step 4:
This will connect you to a list of applications that you can use on your phone.
Step 5 image Step 5:
Select "Daily Scoop" from the list and press the "OK" button.
Step 6 image Step 6:
Choose the FREE subscription and press the "OK" button.

Press "OK" on the following confirmation screen, and that's it! Daily Scoop will be downloaded to your phone.